Rotimi Yearns For Peace On Voice For Change Single ‘Unity’

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All around the world, races, socioeconomic factions, religious groups, and generations are in a constant state of disharmony and this has been the case for ages. Artists have in different shapes and forms attempted to promote unity so much so that at the moment, it’s still a hot topic for musicians especially. For Rotimi, disunity is a familiar subject, being a citizen of both the United States and Nigeria, two countries currently grappling for peace and while this doesn’t make him the obvious choice for an anthem to promote unity, he is. And in tandem with his label, EMPIRE, he shares Unity, a warm and resonant single off their Voices For Change project.

“I wrote this song out of love. I don’t want to sit back and just watch, I want to act” Rotimi said about the song’s inspiration and this, among other things, speaks to the strength of his activism.

For those fighting against racism, systemic oppression, police brutality, gender equality among others, Rotimi’s words, such as “no need for division, we’ve all got a purpose” resonates strongly considering they’re keywords these activists employ in fighting for their causes.

Other voices for change, tapped for this project include Jean Deaux, Trevor Jackson, D Smoke, and Jacob Latimore.


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