Show Dem Camp Are Thrown Into The Past On Sentimental ‘That Year’

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Ghost and Tek of Show Dem Camp have continued to organically build their brand driven by staunch supporters and a sturdy claim to fame powered by acclaimed projects and singles, by trailblazing in their own path. This month, they seize the opportunity to share a collection of self-reflection on the Ikon produced That Year.

Sticking to the status quo, they share this journey of a thousand miles with Sir Dauda whose folk affiliations fit the bill of this emotional single. That Year does start out in a manner akin to the narration of a Folklore, with a short narrative delivered by Sir Dauda, fully articulated in Yoruba. The duo follows this with standard practice; a slew of punchlines that spotlight their journey so far.

Despite the personal nature of the That Year, it remains a phase of the norm for the famed group, packed with raw emotions, witty lines, and their signature mind-altering flow.