Simi’s ‘Woman’ Is A Sonic Thesis For Women’s Liberation

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About a week ago, Simi kicked off the #NobodyLikeWoman campaign; a storytelling challenge for women to share some of the unique and harrowing stigmas they deal with. With over twenty thousand submissions, the challenge became an outlet for women across the world who opened up about some of their sad and eye-opening experiences. In line with the challenge, Simi has released a new single titled Woman.

Built around a jaunty instrumental and accessorized by blustery horns, Woman leans into the defiant ethos of Afrobeat to reclaim the narrative for women and turns Simi’s long-held socio-political beliefs on equality into a sonic thesis for women’s liberation. Simi challenges unfair female stereotypes and highlights the strength of women. 

A song about uplifting women as much as it is about pointing out the institutional barriers placed on them, Simi points out society’s unequal treatment while demanding a more equitable system on Woman.