Alte Daily Look Into Lagos’ Growing Skate Scene in New Documentary

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WAFFLESNCREAM is spearheading the movement to project skating unto the center stage in Africa. It is no news that unlike football, basketball or even cricket, skating is yet to assume local status as a sport in Nigeria, even in a cosmopolitan city like Lagos.

For a generation, WAFFLESNCREAM has become the go-to for skate gear in Nigeria and West Africa. While the brand remains perceived as a fashion brand, its focus is on making skating a thing and producing merchandise that puts skate culture on its back.

In Alte Daily’s first documentary, they look into the work WAFFLESNCREAM have done in supporting young skaters and championing skate culture.

On some of the possible factors thwarting the projection of skateboarding in the country, co-founder of WAFFLESNCREAM, KC Obijiaku says:

“The biggest challenge of skateboarding in Nigeria has been due to little or no skate locations around. We sometimes skate on the road, stadiums, basketball court; which can be dangerous with the presence of numerous vehicles.”

The documentary shows how the ground can still be broken and talks about the growing skate scene in Lagos.


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