Sosa Yande Continues To Prove Herself with Sophomore Release ‘Where Are You Now’

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Sosa Yande’s sophomore effort; Where Are You Now exudes raw saccharine energy that wraps around the mind of the listener as she vocalizes her fragility and pain.

Her lithe vocals which carry elements of heartbreak are directed by pensive keys, acoustics and a latter fusion of feeble drums that seem to be present in order to give credence to her disorientation caused by a bad breakup.

The London based songstress sonically and soulfully seeks to find a lover that once completed her and as she treks down a path of sweet & sour nostalgia, she’s met with the complex reality of being truly lost. The sojourn proves fruitless because as her voice fades, she sings “I need you right now, I don’t want to drown” an indication that in the end, the track’s main muse didn’t find her.