SV Brags Relatably on Individual Debut Project, Square One

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Seni SV

Rap music often has a way of going over one’s head when we take into consideration that rappers often have a different world view. To SV’s benefit however for most parts of Square One, is the fact that his bars are relatable to most teenagers and millennials. He raps about everything from throwing parties to channelling his inner Trey Songz, growing more mature and thinking ahead.

The tape opens up with Plan, a track which sees SV speak out against most rappers for being too boring in his opinion before he dives headlong into conversation about relationships and seeking understanding of the suggestions at hand.

On Madonna, SV moves from someone obsessed with his relationships with the women to a more thoughtful individual as he enters a stage most millennials go into where they desire financial responsibility and become more intentional about their decisions.

Kiish which features Kash and Oscar The Engineer is the closest thing to an anthem for the kids on Square One. On the track, we’re let in on SV’s international appeal as he lets us in on his location before revealing the possession of broads on the other side of the world. Kash’s verse seems to be a subliminal message to those he believes have copied without giving credit where due.

The penultimate track on the EP, SHE KNOWS sees SV and Isaac Umoren centre their conversation around a lady who they suggest knows just how lit they are before warning the world about the repercussions of sleeping on them.

On the final track, SAVE ME, New World Ray opens with his signature unconventional sound before passing the mic to SV who goes out rapping about being asked for features by other rappers.

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