Tau Benah shares new ode to motherhood ‘Young Woman’

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What would we do without the women in our lives? CE DRB alum, Tau Benah seeks to offer an answer to this question with an audio visual offering dedicated to celebrating woman- an uplifting revelation to the artist’s mother prior to her raising a family.  He says “Wrapping up recent struggles I realize how instrumental the women in my life have been through their support. Young Woman is a song to celebrate these women, and more so to speak of a personal value I cherish – the love for our Mothers.”

With nearly a decade of uncovered material under his belt – producing music for himself and peers such as emerging London act, Kasien or African superstar, Davido – Tau Benah has worked consistently behind the scenes in order to perfect his craft. However, his ability to formally release work has been capped in recent years by a longstanding immigration case – one which revoked his ability to work, study, or travel beyond the UK. The  tortuous four-year experience has in turn become an undercurrent for Tau Benah’s musical focus as being forced ‘inside’ led the artist to a newfound clarity for his work. In transmuting his story of pain into soundbites, Tau Benah now plans to deliver meaningful messages that speak on the values that helped him get through.

Premiering first in audio form, and now in its full visual realization, the treatment prepared for Young Woman takes cues from the life of the artist’s mother to depict the transition of a ‘young woman’ into motherhood. Shot by Nick Knight protege, Britt Lloyd and directed by architect/designer EFE, the video anchors itself on the idea of “stillness in motion.” Bold, still-portraits dressed in floral CGI elements – the creations of Nick Knight/SHOWstudio collaborator, Tod Ivanov – help unfold the narrative.

The story – told through its expanding zoom trajectory to reflect the mother’s personal growth – follows a virgin subject into pregnancy and the early stages of parenthood, up until maturity where she is presented as a motherly queen.

Young Woman signals the first installment of Tau Benah’s new artistic direction.

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