Taybytheway Emotes And Entertains On ‘Body Riddim’

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Canada-based all-around performer Taybytheway, is a multitalented creative toting a catalog of unique sounds inspired by the boundlessness of the multi-genre music industry. Born and raised in Nigeria, his love for Afrobeat is second nature, despite his western affiliations, and has influenced his music in every way possible. The name Tay is an abbreviation of ‘talented African youth’ and is a result of a laser focus on the genre.

On his handful of other singles such as Rain, 911, and Bad Senorita, Taybytheway, has proven to be well-grounded in subject matters of the heart, an unsurprising trait that flows with Afropop artists. On his latest single, Body Riddim, he is lost in love and this feeling is made tangible over an exultant entry, rhythmic flows, and hooks that pack as much raunchy emotion as he describes.

In all, Body Riddim is a strong blend of Afrobeat, dancehall, and pop, coming together to form a rhythmic flow that jazzes up listeners. The song made a monumental impression for the up-and-comer who appears to only be setting the bar even higher for himself.


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