One Viral Video Later, Teni Releases New Track, ‘Fake Jersey’

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One Viral Video Later, Teni Releases New Track, Fake Jersey

When we speak of social media stars, Teni the Entertainer should be one of the first names to come to mind. Leveraging a decent follower base from hilarious Instagram skits, she has emerged as one of the singers you don’t have a choice but to pay attention to with releases like Fargin and Askamaya which have been chronicled by her emergence as the Headies’ latest Rookie of the Year. Her latest offering draws from one of the most relevant topics in Nigeria at the moment, the Nigerian jersey. Whether or not it is ethical to price these jerseys as high as they have been considering many cannot afford to pay that is another conversation entirely however, with ‘Fake Jersey‘ Teni places the agency to wear whatever you can afford in each individual’s hands.

Also using the line, ‘sho mo age mi,’ you know Teni’s ears are down the ground and she’s the true definition of a student of the game that is social media.

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