Listen to Terry G And Prettyboy D-O conjoin cultures on ‘Inspiration’

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Belonging to a class of his own that is yet to be categorized, Prettyboy D-O has managed to build his street credibility, deeply rooted in the hybrid sound he adopted since his breakout hit, Chop Elbow. The rapper has gone from flying the flag of Nigeria’s alternative music scene to being the champion of the streets and as he progresses, he deepens the hybrid genre and persona that has come to stay and seep through societal classes.

On his latest, a blithering feature on street OG, Terry G’s, Inspiration, he further blurs the line separating the very different genres with a synthesized performance that leaves no questions to be asked on his affiliation with a group worlds apart from his.

On the self-produced track, Terry G bounces back to a narrative that suits him all too well only with an added twist of a tranquil atmosphere brought on by the lulling synthesized keys that makes up a larger part of the single’s instrumental. Prettyboy D-O comes in on the second verse, settling into what comes off as a conjunction of cultures.

In the accompanying Sun and TSE directed-video, the harmonious duo come together in a psychedelic environment that plays to the theme of Inspiration.