Thirsty Worldwide Regroup On Genre Defying ‘No Too Much’

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In this new digital age, artist collective comprising Straffitti, Jaiye, and Kxngwuap Thirsty Worldwide, a trio that in recent times, has caught the attention of many industry professionals, listeners, and fellow artists with previous releases such as James Harden, Serious Damage, and their latest, Running, is the ideal structure for bringing a change in the game with full impact. This trio understands the way the industry is shifting, and how talents can be discovered in new and unforeseen ways, a knowledge that has influenced their nonconforming and experimental approach to music, their latest, No Too Much, is proof of this.

No Too Much finds the trio putting out positive vibes from start to finish, through a sophisticated blend of urban genres including RnB and Hip-Hop, but also through a subtle mix of African-inspired sonorities and western ones, making it as relatable as the group’s diverse range of artists.

No Too Much, according to the trio, is a creative medium to share their perspectives through talent all the while building a strong collective. They consider this an adventure that will undoubtedly help them cement their rise as one of the most prominent African record labels.