THRDL!FE And Johnny Drille Are The Perfect EDM Pair On ‘Turn Me Up’

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On the back of a slew of indie-pop-leaning singles, Johnny Drille has made a habit of spotlighting the rareness of his artistry as one that leans strongly on acoustics and harnesses its malleability, something we’ve seen on the likes of Hallelujah and Mystery Girl. Today, this uniqueness finds a home in South London, where together with platinum-selling music producer, THRDL!FE, he makes the most of a pure electro house beat on a single titled Turn Me Up.

THRDL!FE and Johnny Drille gun for trance-like feelings in their muses and listeners by extension and with the overpowering nature of reverberating acoustics supporting Drille’s smooth vocals, the perfect tool to articulate a story about a muse who has mesmerized, they achieve just that.

Turn Me Up, an eponymous title is every bit the dance song the dynamic duo thought out, a likely and perfect pair, THRDL!FE and Johnny Drille, give meaning to their partnership, with the latter especially proving to be the likely alt-pop genius he’s been spotlighting.

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