Timix talks family, love, adventures on Gentle Gra Gra EP

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Timix released a project titled Gentle Gra Gra EP back in February. The 5 track project which features Boj and Damayo as well as production from DJ Klem, Bigfoot, DJ Psychotune and Jon Koosh opens with Adara which sees Timix search for the truth and question his father’s decision to walk away from he and his mother.

The second track, Far From Reality speaks to the idea of living life and getting the best out of it and not becoming a slave to the job. Over talking drums and stellar backing vocals, Timix makes his desire to live in another world where he can live comfortably without the challenges reality offers.

Timix soon arises from the fantasy on Eff It Up with Boj. Both artists speak to their encounters with the ladies on what can be tagged a feel good track you’ll definitely catch yourself vibing to. The second collaboration on the short project is Nisho with Damayo and sees Timix make an appeal to a love interest to go on an adventure while Damayo delivers a verse.

The EP closes with Gentle Gra Gra and brings what is an interesting EP to a close in ideal fashion.

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