Bliss Forms The Core Of Tomi Thomas’s Beach Day In Video For ‘Again’

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In Tomi Thomas’s last video for the final release of 2020, Who Knew, he was living it up on the streets of Lagos in a bid to capture the mundanity of life in the midst of chaos but the singer is big on peace, love, joy and higher vibrations and his 2021 debut, Again is an encapsulation of all these which is seemingly one reason why the just-released video for the easy single is a thing of airiness and bliss.

Dalia Dias and Tomi Thomas team up for what’s a day out on the beach which sees him blossom into the full lover boy his lyrics cast him as. Not only do his actions immerse himself and listeners by extension in the higher vibrations the serenity inspires but it also sparks our summer spirits, serving as the perfect gateway to this other dimension hosted by captivating acoustics and the lilting tone of Tomi Thomas’s vocals.

Photo credit: @___tse


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