Vector’s Punchlines Cut Deep On 10-Track Project ‘Vibes before Teslim: The Journey To Self Discovery’

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Vector’s Vibes before Teslim arrives today to much anticipation following a controversy-filled year and much with the same tenacity and vim exhibited on his remarkable debut, State of Surprise. Previously released tracks, sonic experiment, Comfort featuring Davido and social commentary, Oja set the tone for the conversational and introspective project although they didn’t quite prepare us for the free flow of emotions and kaleidoscope of sounds on the 10-track body of work.

Armed with witty punchlines, an unafraid flow and his ever-present confidence, Vibes before Teslim is album is versatile in sound, narratives; both personal and universal, complete with wonderful and well thought out twists like the diversification on Comfort. Lastly, it’s packed with messages in a collage of reminders that life is a journey with a myriad of paths and phases. Like on Your Biology Is Sending You To Hell on which Vector goes deep into the nature of man or on Alaye Jor Jor Jor which although is built on samples, allows Vector to speak on his street cred and top boy status.

Wildly lyrical and boundless, the project includes features from fellow Hip-hop head, Bris B to Davido who comes through with a mainstream Afropop inspired verse on Fuji Pop hybrid, Comfort to Slimcase, whose verse on Just Incase is just as riotous as he is. But Vector impresses most with the variety of places and circumstances he builds on which just continues to get better as time goes on.

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