Video Training & Practice Tests – Unconventional Learning Methods for CompTIA Security+

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If you’re not a fan of traditional classroom learning methodology, Video Training with ITProTV for the Security+ credential is what might interest you a lot. Offered by CompTIA in collaboration with CompTIA A+ Practice Test, this video training is a far more advanced and highly interactive method of learning. This article brings some daylight on this hidden yet highly viable prep option.

What Is Video Training with ITProTV for Security+?

This video training course includes a series of videos that cover key concepts of a CompTIA exam in an interactive talk show format. Designed in a highly binge-watch worthy pattern, this video training includes an edutainer and a host engaged in a talk show. To give it a realistic feel, there is an online audience as well. It’s far more engaging and interesting than the traditional classroom Author: HECTOR X. Along with the videos, this course includes daily live broadcasts, message board support, topic search, and searchable transcript facilities as well. All these features make this video training an interesting learning solution. Also, it’s a proven fact that the audio and video combination makes a long-lasting impression on the viewer. Learning that happens in this manner is likely to remain in your mind for a long time and thus, you’ll be able to score high in your test. As this video training is available for SY0-501 exam, let’s briefly talk about it. For the CompTIA Security+ assessment this option contains 25+ hours of engaging video content covering all the SY0-501 key domains. This video tutorial is available at a cost of $49 and can be found on the Author: MARSHALL E.

Supplement This Training with Practice Tests

There is no doubt that this video training gives you a whole new learning perspective and enforces studying. But, the extensive exam pattern of the CompTIA SY0-501 demands a lot more than that. To make most of it and score the passing grades in your test, you must club this video training course with practice tests that are a well-known way to testify your learning ahead of time so that you could take remedial action. Practice tests are one method that helps a candidate at multiple levels. These tests contain real-time questions of the CompTIA Security+ exam and their detailed answers. The assessment pattern, number of questions, and given time is exactly the same as of the actual test. This way, practice tests make you aware of the exam pattern way Author: ANGUS Dand improve your performance. In addition, practice tests give you a way to hone your learning and make early detection of your weak areas. The more you will practice with them, the more aware of your expertise you will become.

Final Words

The traditional learning methods may not seem viable in the changing times. If you’re a Author: BUDDY Caspirant looking for an ultra-modern learning method, the video training by CompTIA is going to help you for sure. In an unconventional talk-show pattern, this training educates you in a fun way. Author: EDEN R it with practice tests and this prestigious badge will be all yours.

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