Where Will You Travel First? A Peek Inside The Tourism Industry Post-COVID-19

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The world has been locked down for most of 2020, and many of us are feeling the effects of this on the infrastructure of society. Around the world, particularly in African and South American countries as well as in the USA, the ensuing political upheaval is illustrating clearly that the world is experiencing a painful time right now. One aspect of most people’s lives that has been closed off this year is traveling. If you have missed taking vacations to explore and relax this year, this article will give you a peek inside how the tourism industry will look post-COVID-19.

Where will you travel first?

The question is: where will you travel first? When the COVID-19 vaccine is administered to most people around the world, which is predicted to happen by the BBC as early as December 2020 for the most vulnerable, you might immediately want to hop on a plane. But where will you go?

How the tourism industry has been affected by COVID-19

The truth is, your favorite travel destinations might not be operating in the same way as when you last visited before the pandemic. Many countries around the world are still struggling to cope with the economic ramifications of the virus, and the Tourism Industry statistics are showing that things won’t be back to normal for some time. Some countries rely on tourism for the vast majority of their economic stability; without it, it is almost impossible for communities to survive.

Which countries’ tourism industries are hardest-hit by coronavirus?

So which of your favorite destinations are being hardest hit by coronavirus, and what can we do? According to National Geographic

“In the South Pacific, Fiji Airways laid off 775 employees. In Vanuatu, 70 percent of tourism workers have lost their jobs, while the Cook Islands is estimated to have experienced a 60 percent drop in GDP in the past three months.”

Indeed, it seems that countries in the South Pacific, such as Fiji, Indonesia, the Cook Islands, and Vanuatu are experiencing the worst consequences of the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on tourism. In Bali, reports are suggesting that many tourism companies have closed for good, their employees returning to their home villages and living in borderline poverty situations. This devastating situation will not only affect the local communities but will affect travelers who are looking to get their vacation fix when the vaccine is administered.

Popular holiday destinations in the South Pacific might not be operating at full capacity as they once were, making hotels and flights difficult to access for the onslaught of people wanting to travel.

What can I do?

If you are concerned about what to do when traveling again, you should conduct some research on your favorite vacation spots. Some places that have been badly hit will be welcoming tourists back with open arms, whereas others are still lacking the infrastructure to immediately reopen as normal. Do some digging and figure out what’s best for both you, and the community who live in your vacation spot. We all deserve a break after this crazy year, so use this guide to assist you when figuring out where you will travel first.


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