Watch The Anime Inspired Video For Whoisakin’s ‘Magic’

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Whoisakin’s latest, an Anime inspired video for Magic is taken from his earlier released debut EP, Full Moon Weekends, an avant-garde project that collects on his peculiar music style.

“Magic was inspired by a summer 2019 fling. Even though I thought the relationship had potential at the early stages, she never felt the same way and it was just vibes for her. So, I had to snap out of it and move on. I mean the moments were beautiful, but they never lasted. I made the record a few weeks after we were over. She got upset at me and that was it”

is what he had to say about the inspiration of the fan-favorite song and the story that YX Animation perfectly captures in the dramatic video.

When we happened upon his EP earlier this year, we noted the sophistication, the project and by ownership, Whoisakin reeks which sips into this video, a perfect and relatable fusion of the elements that inspire him. We have lived his romantic experiences through his fuji tinged words and now we see them, as clear and bold as his character in the video.

Not only does the animated video for Magic reflect Whoisakin’s personality but also, the state of a world that’s now host to novel ideas.

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