Why Rugby Fans Are the Best Sports Fans

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When it comes to sports fans, it’s certainly true that different sports have different types of fans and very different fan cultures when contrasted with each other. But we believe the very best fans can be found in the audiences of rugby games. This is one of the oldest sports around and has popularity all over the world. But what makes the fans so special and why are we making these potentially controversial claims? Read on to find out about our specific justifications.

It’s Always Been a Gentleman’s Game

Rugby has long been known as a gentleman’s game, even if the actual game itself is very rough and ready. It was a game associated with the upper classes but developed into a working man’s game in the north of England and Wales. But that sense of nobility and sense of fair play is something that’s certainly endured over the years. The fans still embody those values.

Rugby Crowds Tend to be Friendly and Fun

One of the best things about rugby crowds and attending live rugby games is the friendly atmosphere and sense of fun you get when attending. That’s not something you always get with other live sports games. People talk and have fun and there’s no animosity in the crowd either.

It Creates a More Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Rugby games are always open to the whole family and that’s something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Family friendly live events can be hard to come by, but when it comes to rugby games, parents don’t need to be worried. It’s a good thing for families that enjoy doing these kinds of things together in a safe environment. That’s not something you get at every other type of live sports event.

The Humour

There’s one thing that rugby has that most other sports don’t or at least not to the same standard, and that’s great jokes and a great sense of humour. Rugby fans can make jokes and take jokes about their own team and it’s all part of the fun. There’s rarely any pride or defensiveness there. And some of the very best jokes you’ll ever hear are rugby jokes, trust us.

Rugby Fans Are Not Like Other Sports Fans

We’ve talked about it a bit already, but it’s certainly true that most rugby fans are not like other sports fans. With soccer for example, fans often experience an intense rivalry between themselves and this can be expressed violently at times. This is something that’s never been associated with rugby. Fans share the stands without segregation and the general atmosphere is always positive and friendly. That’s the way it should be.

So there you have it, it’s official: rugby fans are the best sports fans in the world and there’s no denying it. There’s certainly a very unique fan culture and sense of camaraderie among rugby fans. But do you agree or disagree that they’re the best sports fans around?


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