Yemi Alade Is A Firecracker In Zesty Video For Album Standout ‘Give Dem’

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One thing is sure about Yemi Alade and that’s her penchant for zesty videos that pack the elements of a rager. No different from her run-of-the-mill work, the Clarence Peters directed video for Give Dem is a pace-setter that reminds us why she’s where she’s at today considering her most recent visual works including the charming video for Home, were built on more mellow plots.

In the video, Yemi Alade mirrors the emboldened narrative of the bass driven track in a number of action-packed scenes chracterized by energetic choreographed moves delivered aganist kaleidoscopic backdrops. She finishes the video with a weathery and sensual solo performance that reiterates her position as the star of the video.

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