YIAGA’s Democracy serves as reminder of values we need to protect

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Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth and Advancement (YIAGA), the non-profit organisation passionate about democracy, human rights and civic engagements in Nigeria continues to make significant improvement in our democracy. In conjunction with other groups, it spearheaded the advocacy around the Not Too Young To Run bill and has since then continued to push other movements to aid integration in Nigeria.

Now, they’re making use of another channel to communicate their core values. Via a collaboration with World Movement for Democracy (WMD) and the African Movement of Democracy (AMD), a  new single titled Democracy emerges. Democracy is a 3 language (French, English and Wolof) single which features artists from all over Africa like Moonaya (Senegal), Master Soumy (Mali), Awa Bling (Gambia), Killa Ace (Gambia), Cill (Nigeria) and Elom (Togo). The song explores the ills of democracy in Africa like greed, corruption, dictatorship and others. The rap verses laid over a soft melodic background serves as a reminder of the freedom we deserve as Africans.

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