Zamir Uncovers The Haziness Of Love And Lust On EP Precursor ‘Amnesia’

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Zamir is never not blowing his trumpet. Two weeks ago, he teamed up with fellow rapper, dndsection on A. Iverson to let us know his trajectory, persona, and story can be likened to American basketball player, Allen Iversons’. Before that, joined by Odunsi (The Engine), he bemoaned lost love on Luv Hrts, without compromising the fierceness we’ve come to associate with him. Zamir is back again this week, speaking in turn to his surprising consistency over the past couple of months and his enviable approach to love spurned cravings on Amnesia, yet another single off his soon-to-be-released Flowerboi4000 EP.

Reeled in with the hollowed bass that now serves as the key ingredient to making great trap music in the Nigerian music industry, Zamir’s fluctuating feelings for his muse is obvious from the first deep bass drop. In his usual brash manner, Zamir fuses love, lust, lull, and lyrics into one heady, palpitating groove pressing on his expansive passion.

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