Zamir And dndsection Are On Top Of The World On ‘A. Iverson’

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Having recently released music that appraises their individual strengths, Zamir and dndsection return together on A. Iverson, a collaboration that results in a loopy ethereal haze of metaphors overlapping with an equally heady instrumental powered tuneful acoustics and smooth drums.

Referencing one of Basketball’s greatest, Allen Iverson, who has enjoyed his time in the sun as a subject matter in different rap songs, including Post Malone’s White Iverson, a single that shares a background with Zamir and dndsections’, A. Iverson is a bouncy ode to the complementary duo’s social statuses, highlighted with lines like “I’m a sixer…”, “...I’m a twister, I’m a sniper, not a kisser, run the whole game”.

Both rappers are familiar with the sonic art of tooting horns and with a fanbase that gives credibility to some of their outlandish narratives and talent that speaks for itself, A. Iverson is a typical offering, not straying too far from the norm and with an aura of reliability and inspiration for listeners.

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