Love Is Illuminated On Zarion Uti’s ‘Rain Or Shine’ Featuring Buju

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Last time we heard from emPawa 30’s Zarion Uti, precisely on the Brym produced Money, his come-up along with his desire to be successful seemed to be his driving force, however, on his latest, Rain Or Shine, he switches lanes and on this particular acoustic laid path, he’s driven by love and one heavily reciprocated with the phrase ‘ride or die’ underlining his sweet words from start to finish.

With Rain Or Shine, Zarion Uti shows that the path to true rewarding love is not always a smooth one, and what better way to deliver this revelation along with mesmeric confessions to his lover than over a springy Afropop soundscape also with support from Buju, whose vocals is known to impress.

Rife with wisdom and the tempo needed to start a party, Rain Or Shine is also proof of Zarion Uti’s versatility which further sheds light on the reason why he’s on the list of this year’s emPawa 30.

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