Barry Jhay Makes A Springy Return On Amapiano Inspired ‘Ayewada’

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There are fewer inspirations that are as sticky, inviting, and responsive as tragedies. They are an age-old source of motivation for artists and matter of factly, given rise to some of the world’s most resonating bodies of work. Barry Jhay, following the controversy his brand suffered earlier this year, projects the affliction on resonant comeback single, Ayewada. More than ever now, his last album release hashtag #BarryBack reverberates as Ayewada speaks to his navigation of the heaviest of tragedies he has had to face.

In his signature off-kilter flow, Barry Jhay addresses and re-crosses his hurdles, making sure to tap into the revolving Amapiano trend in his bass dominant instrumental, one that proves to be the perfect soundscape for his movement inspiring but heartfelt delivery. “Won fe gbe me l’handicap” while lyrically loose, rings true knowing where the singer is coming from.

The perfect comeback, the STG-produced Ayewada is both engaging and explicit.