Burna Boy x DJDS Take on the Intricacies of Life in New Thuggin/Darko Video

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To accompany the recently released Burna Boy x DJ Dodger Stadium(DJDS) joint project, Steel &Copper, a double video to accompany the stand out singles Thuggin and Darko has been released.

Burna Boy thuggin darko

The joint Daniel Regan directed videos utilize captivating imagery in ways not seen in previous Burna Boy videos.

Burna Boy thuggin darko

Mirroring the reflective sombre lyrics of Thuggin, the video starts off in black and white with Burna Boy caring for two young boys and a motherly figure. As the video progresses, we witness a gripping fight which leads to the death of one of the men on Burna Boy’s side.

Burna Boy thuggin darko
Burna Boy thuggin darko

From there, colour emerges in the video as the Darko begins to play in the second half with ethereal dancers flocking round the body of the fallen fighter engaging in what appears to be leading his soul to the afterlife

You can check out Burna Boy in the Thuggin and Darko video below:



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