JELEEL! And Prettyboy D-O Taunt Oppression In Video For ‘Sinner’

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In the thick of heightened black lives matter protests back in July this year, LA native, JELEEL!, took to music to highlight the power young adults wield in revolutions today on a six-track project aptly titled Generation Z. While the dust hasn’t fully settled in JELEEL!’s native country, he goes back to the drawing board to amplify the message he sought to pass on the project by sharing the video for Sinner, the Prettyboy D-O assisted standout track.

The eclectic duo is visibly inflamed and rightfully so. They take their heightened emotions to deserted landscapes that speak to their desire for freedom in its purest form. Despite being shackled by oppression, JELEEL! and Prettyboy D-O are resistant to it and they celebrate their power by going about their lives, partying with friends, and pushing relationships with women.

What better way to push back against oppression than a celebration of freedom against all odds. The youth is the voice of resistance and defiance is just one way to amplify our voices which JELEEL! so clearly envisions in the video for Sinner.

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