Joeboy And Mayorkun Are Victims Of Heartbreak In Video For ‘Don’t Call Me Back’

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Lasy time we saw him, Joeboy was head over heels in love with his muse in the heartwarming video for hit single, Beginning. However this month, his attitude turns sour in the video for the Mayorkun-assisted Don’t Call Me Back.

Directed by Prodigeezy, the video follows the plot of the cheeky single with Mayorkun and Joeboy starring as the victims of a treacherous heartbreak who are on a path to recovery.

Mayorkun typically delivers a comical performance with Joeboy owning the spotlight with a performance that marries his role with his mannerisms.

Don’t Call Me Back video portrays Joeboy in a light that indicates his readiness for more in-depth performances, a prospect as exciting as his future in the industry.

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