Loti And KD Are The Dream Team On ‘Perfect Fantasy’

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With each release, Loti and KD prove to be a dream team worth our attention. While they project as your usual Producer, Singer tandem, following the tropes artists in their category do these days, nothing about their delivery suggests conformity. Today, in line with the recurrent theme of two-part singles, they offer their take on this rising phenomenon on Perfect Fantasy but, with Tim Lyre’s inclusion on Perfect, the single’s first part coupled with their signature RnB, Pop and Afrofusion twists, the single outdoes others like it.

The Tim Lyre assisted Perfect is bathed in synthesized drums that ring as true as the feelings their muses inspire in them. Buoyed by Loti and Tim Lyre’s mesmeric vocals, Perfect is steeped in your regular RnB Afrofusion hybrid but with the trio’s maneuvering, they defy easy categorization.

Fantasy is a more upbeat cut that frankly takes attention from Perfect and takes the edge off their listeners who might have been thrown into a mood by the heavy feelings on the latter. Its rhythm set you up for a good time and Loti’s easy but balanced punchlines seal the deal.

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