Niniola Joins Oskido On His Amapiano-Driven EP Standout ‘Banky Banky’

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South African veteran Disc Jockey, Oskido has spent almost three decades making music. This year, his approach is hinged on music that serves as a bridge between the future and the past. His three-track star-studded Afro-House EP, Back To The Future is the result of this and on one of the EP’s standout tracks, Banky Banky, he brings aligned values to life by way of a Niniola feature.

The three-track body of work, short yet impactful, explores a mixture of music themes, the only way Oskido can, mashing up the nostalgic sounds of Kwaito and incorporating the popular Amapiano sound that has taken southern and western Africa by storm.

In Oskido’s known borderless outlook on music and experimental flair, he joins forces with Niniola to create another amapiano song Banky Banky. Niniola’s soothing voice engages from the get-go with lyrics articulated in English and Yoruba, over laid back, mellow amapiano instrumental, conveying a classic feel when it segues into Oskido’s raps.

With Niniola’s inclusion on Banky Banky and the EP’s sturdy collection of A-listers, Oskido creates a luscious and exotic taste of an integrated African sound in one serving.