Davido And Oxlade Add Afro Pop Flavour To Skip Marley And H.E.R’s ‘Slow Down’

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Earlier this month Skip Marley and H.E.R’s critically acclaimed voluptuous Dancehall number, Slow Down saw a noteworthy climb on Billboards Adult RnB Songs chart. To celebrate the song’s diversity and transcendent quality, Skip Marley adds none other than Davido and Oxlade to his teeming list of features on the single’s myriad of remixes.

The jazzy Afrobeat hybrid is the perfect soundscape accessory for Oxlade whose affinity for colorful experimental instrumentals is common knowledge. He works the sturdy synthesized acoustics to the best of his ability, leaving Davido to act as the flavored prop for Skip Marley and H.E.R, both of whom retain their original performances on the single.

The quartet is an audacious, grown, and sexy pair on Slow Down and while Skip and H.E.R did have the song’s success on lockdown with a captivating duet, the addition of Nigeria’s music industry’s best and brightest seasons it to an unconquerable peak.

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