The Cavemen Gun For Desirability On Self-Produced ‘Selense’

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Brothers, Kingsley and Benjamin have afforded the Nigerian music industry an exquisite look with their timely resurrection of the Highlife genre through what now constitutes a sixteen-track fan-favorite breakthrough debut Roots, which also served as their ticket to mainstream relevance, an unlikeliness that pushed a cult fanbase in West Africa to ride with them through praise and reproof. In a manner that indicates they are very comfortable in their niche now and even willing to step out a bit to test waters, they share Selense, their first post-album single.

Brimming with the fast-paced shaky and pipe-y percussions that give Highlife its special flavor, the self-produced Selense is a lyrically rich ode to a muse interesting enough to inspire the brother’s lavish outpour. It’s also a continuation of the next generation-Highlife legacy Roots, in its own special way created for the brothers.

A fusion of the right amounts of sprightly percussions that can shake up feelings, Selense is a feel-good love song, arriving just in time for great dance music to take center stage.


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