Explainer: Why Was Kizz Daniel Arrested In Tanzania?

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Earlier today, a video showing singer and songwriter, Kizz Daniel being led out by police into a van surfaced on social media. The Buga singer was reportedly arrested in Tanzania after he failed to show up for his concert.  

What Happened? 

On Sunday the 7th of August 2022, Kizz Daniel was scheduled to perform at the Warehouse, Old Nextdoor Arena in Tanzania as part of his Afro Classic World Tour. However, after keeping paying fans waiting, Kizz Daniel “refused” to perform because of his outfit. 

Following his no-show, angry fans who paid as high as $5000 for a table began to trash the hall in frustration. The singer arrived in Tanzania earlier on Sunday and allegedly refused to show up because of the unavailability of his clothes. 

In the last one month, Kizz Daniel has been called out three times for his attitude towards his concerts. On the 7th of July 2022, he kept his fans in the DMV waiting for over five hours and after appearing rushed what should have been his opening show. On the 28th of July 2022, he abruptly canceled his Denver concert leading to fans calling him out on social media.


The Implications

Across the board, Nigerian artists tend to approach their shows and events with unpreparedness and it appears a good number of them are lacking in showmanship. On his Breakfast Club appearance, Kizz Daniel explained that he had problems with his visa during the opening concert for his tour and had to travel without his team. 


Unfortunately, there are only so many excuses one can give especially when you have paying fans on a global scale waiting to see you perform. As Nigerian music continues to travel across borders, it is important that artists are ready to level up and deliver world-class performances. 


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