YCee Switches His Sound On Silky But Sprightly ‘Nu Riddim’

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Since YCEE Vs Zaheer, YCee has maintained a low profile however this year, he makes his way to the surface with Nu Riddim, a nod towards his decision to tap into experimentalism and a slow-burning profession of love that builds up from a moody RnB backed appraisal to a jazzy drum-driven blown out confession. YCEE Vs Zaheer was a testament to his evolution from a budding rap head but Nu Riddim speaks to a different kind of advancement, one that finally finds him embracing a likable persona charged with sleek melodies and even silkier articulations. This isn’t to say that his direction isn’t conflicting his grip on this current wave is as impressive as the sonic versatility of the single.

Nu Riddim‘s intimate and cushion-y blueprint is the perfect accompaniment for this season and following a chaotic year that clouded the lives of musicians with uncertainty. For YCee, he’s still got it and the single is proof of this.


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