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Tim Lyre Recruits Joyce Olong for ‘Right Now’

Anyone who has ever truly been in love understands the idea of love causing one to act irrationally. From cutting…
10 Debut Projects from 2016 You Should Listen to featuring GMK, Odunsi The Engine, Tau Benah, Kash, Tim Lyre, The Section, AYLØ, Mafeni, BrisB and Fasina

10 debut projects from 2016 you should bump!

We reflect on 2016 and some of the best debut projects we heard and believe you should also listen to.…
11 Alternative Artists You Should Know About including DAP The Contract, Ozzy B, Tay, TimLyre, Lady Donli, Odunsi, Omar, Lojay

Eleven alternative Nigerian musicians you should know

DAP is a classically trained pianist, producer, and rapper. He recently graduated from the University of Brown, with a BA…